Employment Training Letter

Mr. John Lewis,

Chaplin Road, Wembley High Street,

Wembley, London,


Dear John Lewis,

We, Cisco Software Limited Co. decided to recruit you as a supervisor in our company. We appreciate you for the skills and qualifications that you have attained. We are issuing this training employment letter so as to intimate your starting date which will be on 16th August. Before start of your job, we will be offering you with an “academic training.” Your training will get started at Empires building, Oxford Street.

Hence forth, Mr. Hawkins, Leader of the Supervising team will take care of you and will clarify all your queries under the testing tools department. Our company is expecting you to work as a full time employee. Regarding the pay scale, we would like to give you a justifiable amount of $24,000.

If you are all set to go, then you need to handle the required duties which will be given to you.




Cisco Software Limited Co.

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