Employment Complaint Letter

5th August 2010,

Mr. Anthony Hill,


Universal Bank,

Ohio Branch.

Dear Mr.Hill,

I am Scott Joseph , holding an account in your bank bearing the account number 145226. I have recently applied for an account detail book and had given a written application for the same. I had applied for the same on 25th July 2010. I was informed that I would be issued a new account detail book at the earliest by the 5th of August.

Even after calling and coming to the bank several times, none of the staff responded positively on the status of my application. Yesterday I lost my patience, when Mr. John Thomas asked me to fill a new application. I have been a priority customer to the bank, since 20 years and have never faced such an issue earlier. I request you to look into the matter at the earliest and have my account detail book issued.

Thanks and regards,

Scott Joseph.

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