Research Consent Letter


Mrs Watson,

Houston University of Archaeology,


Dear Mrs Watson,

I, Mr Draco, am writing this letter to seek your consent, advice and expertise in my research for the fossil survey in D-E3 ward of the archaeological defined area of Houston. I have acquired the necessary permissions from the concerned authorities, but from you. I am enclosing the details regarding my research and also regarding the permissions which I have sought along with this letter. The enclosure also contains the work so far done in the research until now.

I wish to seek any and every suggestion from your side on this research which I have been following and I value every bit of contribution from your side. The immediate consent from your side shall help my cause to get on with my research as quickly as possible. And hence I am looking forward for a quick and affirmative response from your side. Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable response,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Draco

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