Resident Welcome Letter


Brad Peter

69, Brooks Ave

New York

23 November 2011

Subject: Resident welcome letter

Dear Mr. Peter,

I want to extend my warmest welcome greetings to you!

This letter is to welcome you to our resident colony called ‘Brooks Avenue’ which is New York’s most reputed living colony. I heard that you just moved in and we are really excited to get to know you and your family. I am John Traut; our house is just across yours. We are extremely glad and happy to have you as the new residents here and would look forward to have a great association with you.

I am sure you shall not be disappointed in any way and would have a nice stay over here. Just for your information, we have weekly meetings on Sunday 12 noon in the resident association room and would request you to be present there whenever you can.

Again, welcome to our neighbourhood and we are truly pleased to have you.

Yours faithfully

John Traut

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