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Complaint Letter to Bank

From: Emily Swan 345, Main Street New Jersey To: Thomas Martin Manager Money Bank Ltd. High Street New Jersey 24th July, 2007. Ref: Account Number 12345678 Dear Mr. Martin, This is with reference to my Account Number 12345678, which has been unduly debited with $ 49 as processing fee, for an overseas transaction. I was […]

Complaint Letter Example

From: Anne Rice 689, Park View Apartments New Jersey To: Mr. Thomas Morgan Customer Service Manager ABC Company New Jersey 23rd June, 2008. Ref: Defective product Dear Mr. Morgan, I had bought the XYZ Baking Product, receipt number 123445 from your Company on 20th June.  I regret to inform you that the product is defective […]

Information Request letter

To: Public Information Officer, Department of Disaster Management, Patna, Bihar. 15th October, ’08. Dear Sir/Madam, This is with reference to the (money collected) to provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims of the recent (floods in Bihar). Under the “Freedom of Information Act” I wish to know how much money was collected and how that […]

Donation Follow Up Letter

August 04, 2010 Mr. Jackman, The CEO, XYZ Company, XXX Street, TX Sub: Request for donation Dear Mr. Jackman, Further to my earlier correspondence with you dated 24th July 2010 regarding donation possibilities of a gift certificates or items that can be auctioned off in the Fund Raiser which is held to raise money for […]

Consumer Complaint Letter

To: Mr. Thomas Morgan Consumer Service Department ABC Company New Jersey 10th April, 2008. Ref: Defective Vacuum Cleaner Dear Mr. Morgan, I bought Perfect Vacuum Cleaner from your company, receipt number 123456 on 8th April.  I am sorry to inform you that the product just does not match up to the claims made by your […]