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Business Acceptance Letter

Mr. Thomas Parera General Manager- Services Eveready series Pvt. Ltd Dear Mr. Parera, I am wiring this letter to you with reference to our mailer discussion regarding the business proposal of Eveready series Pvt. Ltd to work over two years to earn large profits. I am glad to accept your offer as I am also […]

Job Acceptance letter

Name of the concerned person Mention designation of concerned person Name of the Company Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. (give the name of the receiver), I am glad to write this letter with reference (talk about reference clearly) to confirm the acceptance of your offered (mention details of designation) job. I will be happy to join […]

Sample Proposal Acceptance letter

Ms. Eva Thomson Manager- Sales & Marketing Britwide Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd Dear Ms. Thomson, I am glad to inform you regarding the acceptance of proposal received on dated April 15, 2010 from Britwide Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd. We found your offer suitable with our company Western Shipment Pvt. Ltd and we are agreeing to […]

Wedding Invitation Thank You letter

August 6th, 2010. Jane Anderson, 56, golden wing, Kings cross, London. Dear Jane, How are you?  I am doing well. I was immensely pleased to receive a wedding invitation from you yesterday. Thank you so much for remembering and inviting me for your marriage. I never expected you to marry so soon. Attached to the […]

Funny Romantic Letter

Mr. Michael Rupert, 34- Veronica Street, Louisiana, USA. Dear Michael, I love you as much as I don’t love myself. Though you are not so charming frankly speaking, you are ugly with those black spots all upon your face I love you. I love you in spite of the fact that you are uneducated, and […]