Wedding Invitation Thank You letter

August 6th, 2010.

Jane Anderson,

56, golden wing,

Kings cross,


Dear Jane,

How are you?  I am doing well. I was immensely pleased to receive a wedding invitation from you yesterday. Thank you so much for remembering and inviting me for your marriage. I never expected you to marry so soon. Attached to the invitation you have sent me a letter that, you were going to marry the one you have been in love with. I am glad that parents of both the sides have agreed for the marriage.

Uncle, Edward may not attend your wedding owing to ill health. But I promise, I will definitely attend your marriage and bless, you my child. It would be my pleasure to assist you in getting ready for the big day and I would also bring my grand daughter along with me to assist you as a bridesmaid. May god bless you with lots of love and prosperity.

Your loving aunt,


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