Funny Romantic Letter

Mr. Michael Rupert,

34- Veronica Street,



Dear Michael,

I love you as much as I don’t love myself. Though you are not so charming frankly speaking, you are ugly with those black spots all upon your face I love you. I love you in spite of the fact that you are uneducated, and you lead a life below poverty line. Actually there is nothing attractive in you for me to like you except that we both have the same IQ level.

I started liking you from the moment you fell into the sewage tank for my ring. I would officially want to propose to you at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow. I will be very glad if you could make it to the Grand Viscera Hotel at that time. If you cannot, please send your representative. I will be awaiting your presence or your representative’s according to your convenience.

Desperately in deep love with you.

Your beloved,


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