Thank you Letter Gift Card

Ms Josephine Andrews

23Baker Road

Pastry Street

House no: 71

Block D


United Kingdom

Dear Ms Josephine,

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. I always wanted to own a crystal key chain but some how or the other, could never make myself buy one. Thank you once more for thinking so much about me and gifting me such a lovely gift.

You would be pleased to know, that I have already started to use the lovely crystal key chain gifted by you and my house keys adorn this beautiful key chain. Thank you so much for making my day with such a beautiful surprise. As a token of appreciation, I am attaching a small little gift along with this letter. Hope, you will like the gift and cherish the same.

Looking forward to meet you soon and thank you in person for the thoughtful gift you have given.

Thanking You

Mrs Stella Brown

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