Sympathy Letter for Loss Of Father

Jerripothula Ankaiah,

H. No. 294/3; TRT Quarters,



Date:  Aug 07, 2010.

My dear brother,

I am deeply shocked to hear the news of sudden demise of your father Rajaiah uncle yesterday. I share my heartfelt sympathies with you in this sorrow moment.  My heart goes to our childhood days in nostalgia remembering the affection of uncle and how he used to treat me like his own son.  My father did not in fact believe the news instantly.  Since he is bedridden with paralysis, he is not in a condition to move and come personally to console your family.

He remembers the affectionate treatment of your father and mother every time.   My mother also joins with my father in sharing the grief. I could not make it to come to you immediately on hearing the news, because my office inspection is going on and I will be able to meet you next week.  I can understand the pain of losing the father and it is like losing the backbone of a person and a family also.  Now, you have to cater to the needs of the family to run the show and should look for a good alliance for sister.  I know that family burden is there on you and I am here to share everything like your own brother and please do not hesitate to contact me in any type of help.

With deep condolences,

Yours affectionately,

Rajaram Sukumar.

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