Sample Commending Employee Letter

Commending Employee

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


John Smith

XYZ Inc.

1234 First Street

Suite 567

Anycity, Anystate  85245]

Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith],

I am writing to you to commend the performance of one of your employees, [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. Joe Johnson], who works at your branch at [BRANCH ADDRESS].

I have been a customer of the Bank for about 10 years, during which time I have worked with several managers and assistant managers. Most recently, the person responsible for my account has been , [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. Joe Johnson].

I have found [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. Joe Johnson] to be professional, courteous and willing to accommodate above and beyond what I would come to expect from my branch representative. On numerous occasions, he has offered to deliver or pick up documents personally during his lunch hour or while on an appointment.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my satisfaction with [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. Joe Johnson] service.


[YOUR NAME, ex. Jill Jones]

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