Sample Press Release: Employee Achievement outside Firm Letter

Press Release: Employee Achievement outside Firm

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


[FIRM, ex. EnerTechnologies Incorporated] is pleased to announce that [NAME, ex. John Harris], our [POSITION, ex. Head Engineer] of [DURATION, ex. five years], has [SPECIFY ACHIEVEMENT / AWARD, ex. been named the Electrical Engineer of the Year by Engineering Weekly for his development of the A4 microprocessor].

[BRIEFLY “TOUT” THE AWARD / ACHIEVEMENT, ex. Engineering Weekly grants this honored designation yearly to leading professionals in the electrical engineering field for the development of new and superior technologies.]

[BRIEFLY STATE EMPLOYEE’S OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS AND/OR WORK WITH THE FIRM, ex. Mr. Harris has also been cited by several leading engineering bodies such as the United Board of Engineers for his outstanding achievements in microprocessor technology.  At EnerTechnologies, John was involved in designing our highly successful M3 and A2 microprocessors, in addition to the new A4.]

We congratulate [NAME, ex. John Harris] and are proud to have him at [FIRM, ex. EnerTechnologies].

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