Romantic Letter to Colleague

Ms. Jenne




Hi Jenne,

You must be thinking, when we both work in same office and sit around the same corner why am I writing a letter? Because there are some things in life, which can be written more beautifully than spoken.

We are working together as partners for the past six months. I remember the day when we were assigned to work together and it was the day I first saw you. You know what; the first thing that struck my attention was your voice. You have a splendid and the most warming voice I have ever heard in my lifetime. Believe it or not where ever I go, I think about you, to whomever I speak; I speak about you. Your intelligence and striking impression has adored me.

Jenne, will you come with me for a dinner tonight. Jenne these are just my feelings towards you and it is not a compulsion that you too have same expression towards me. So, please reply, whatever is in your mind. I am dying to see your reply.

Yours always

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