Biologist Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for biologist job.
Given below is a sample biologist resume cover letter. If you are applying for a biologist job, don’t forget to send such cover letter with it.


123, Park evenue
Boston, MA, 02123
(123) 456-7890

September 23rd 2008

Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus Consultants, Inc.
247, East Street
San Francisco, CA 95246

Dear Ms. Cook,

In response to your recent job posting in the Association of Environmental Scientists Newsletter, please accept this letter and resume in application for the environmental biologist position currently available within your company.

As my resume indicates, I have been involved in environmental biology for nearly 12 years. My B.S. was in Biology and my master’s degree, in Environmental Studies. Additionally, I have worked closely with federal, state and local agencies in relation to environmental impact reports and am considered an expert on the National Environmental Protection Act. I believe that these qualifications, as well as others described in my resume, make me a strong candidate for your open position.

I have heard many compliments about the high quality of work that characterizes SMT and would be honored to be part of your team.

I am able to make the trip to Irvine on short notice, so please do not hesitate to contact me at the number shown above.


Martha Klingman

Enclosure: Resume

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