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A sample cover letter for academic counselor job.
Given below is a sample academic counselor resume cover letter. If you are applying for a academic counselor job, don’t forget to send such cover letter with it.

123, Park evenue
Boston, MA, 02123
(123) 456-7890

September 23rd 2008

Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus University
179, East Street
San Francisco, CA 95421

Dear Ms. Cook,

In response to your advertisement in the Chronicle of Higher Education, I am submitting my resume in application for the Academic Counselor for Student Athletes position.

In my role as academic counselor for athletes at the University of Georgia, I have felt great rewards working directly with student athletes. My favorite success story regards a track team member. A star athlete, he excelled on the track, and failed miserably as a student. He was on the verge of failing out of the university when I came on board. I contacted all of his professors, most of whom were more than willing to work with me and the athlete on his academic problem. We set up tutoring sessions, not only in the specific subjects, but also in study and time management techniques. It seems as though he had never learned how to study; he had simply memorized facts. It worked in high school, but not in college. With a great deal of work on his part, he turned himself around. This young man, who almost left school because of his grades, is now a junior high school teacher.

This is but one of the stories of success I have about how student-athletes can succeed both in the classroom and in their event. I enjoy being an academic counselor and feel it is time to leave my alma mater.

Could your university use someone of my caliber? If you believe you can, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above telephone number. If I do not hear from you by the end of next week, I will call you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martha Klingman

Enclosure: Resume

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