How to Quit a Job

When one plans to quit a job, it means that one is cutting off a business relationship and that it is a final act.When one ends a business relationship, it should be done formally using a written note – in this case, a resignation letter. Not matter how simple the job (flipping burgers maybe), the letter gives one a professional look. If nothing else, it gives one good letter writing practice. The letter should be formal, professional and contain no typing errors.

However, during the tenure of employment, one should have worked diligently to receive a good send off by the company. This guarantees the person leaving a good reference letter and point of referral to other companies.

One should complete all projects assigned to them. This not only gives the person taking the position over a clean desk to begin from, but also ensures continuity of business when you leave. Bid farewell to your colleagues so that they know the date you are leaving.

Finally, follow the company’s guidelines on leaving a job. Every company has its own policies and guidelines on leaving. Some have exit interviews. It is important to attend one when called upon to do so.

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