Recommendation Request Letter


301, Fort Heights,



Dear Mrs. Rebecca,

I would be really grateful to you if you can provide me a recommendation for me from your side. This letter will help me to get admission in a reputed college for my higher studies. I have written this letter to give you more information about my achievements and my life to aid you writing a recommendation letter for me.

I’d like you to focus on the various aspects of my schooling including character, academics, and activities so the University will get a broad sense of my talents.

Could you please comment on few of these below mentioned points in your letter?

  • My consistently good grades in the school in all the standards
  • My participation in and beyond the class.
  • My involvement in helping other students with their academics.
  • My science fair project: Evolution of Man, that was selected the Best in State.

Please inform me incase you need any other information. Your support means a lot!

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Christian Bennington.

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