How to Write a Request Letter

Request Letters are written for various different reasons which may include request for a job interview, promotion, donation, information or any other purpose. It’s not the request that matters the most in these letters but how you request plays an important role. Thus a well written request letter will surely help you to accomplish what you need. A request letter should be written, keeping the following points in mind:

  • The most important thing while writing a request letter is to keep it simple and brief. Moreover be courteous and tactful while writing these letters.
  • Mention the reason of your letter writing in the first paragraph in a persuasive and confident manner. But do not be assertive and do not hem and haw round the issue. Be straightforward.
  • Always make the requests which are reasonable.
  • Provide all the information to the reader which he might need in order to comply with your request.
  • Provide if any supported document needed.
  • Draft the complete letter in such a manner so that the reader feels at ease and responding to it should not be a burden.
  • At the last thank the recipient for his assistance and taking  time to consider your request

Download Sample How to Write a Request Letter In Word Format

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