Employer Reference Letter

Brigit Sinclair,

Universal Commercial Bank,

14564-1363 Wall Street,

New York.


Dear Mrs. Sinclair,

As the manager of Bright Commercial Bank I have worked with Allan Sweety for the last 3 years. Allan started out at the company as a cashier and he has been promoted to the level of Clerk B2.

Allan has been very professional, dependable and responsible. There is a rotation policy in the bank whereby employees are allowed to work in different departments and Allan has taken advantage of this. He has been willing to learn the operations of different departments and is currently one of the employees on his grade with the widest knowledge. He is flexible and quick to learn. He is a favorite of the managers and all of them want him to work in their department.

I recommend Allan because of his skills, knowledge and dedication. Given a chance, he will be an asset to any employer. I will be pleased to give you further information concerning Allan’s competence.


Jackie Rolling

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