Proposal Letter To Company

August 10, 2010

SAP Group,

Cape Town,

59162- Collos.

Hello sir,

As per your requirement we are sending the proposal to you.

We shall prepare 1500 new generation books for publication by you, combining materials from different ABC series to form a new series targeting the present market.

The cost of production of this new series of books will be: Each costing $150.

Payments shall be made on the following schedule:

$750 upon acceptance on this proposal.

$50 upon delivery of each book.

$45 upon delivery of the final book.

Checks will be made payable to the Contractor.

The work on this project shall be started by us immediately upon the acceptance of this proposal and will deliver the materials on the fixed scheduled dates. All dates are approximate upon prompt approval from you on our submission of chapter and book outlines.

Book 1 Title Date to be delivered

Book 2 etc.

In order to meet your requirements deadlines and the delivery schedule, this proposal must be accepted on or before Sept 19, 2010. A fax copy attested by an authorized will be sufficient to begin the work with a signed hard copy to follow.

Contractor: Wesley john

Client: Mr. Joseph

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