Sales and Marketing Letter

Mr. Paddy Rice,

General Director,

Blue Telecom,

Box 345,


28th September 2007

Dear Mr. Rice,

Blubbernouth is an international mobile phone service operator. We are based in France with operating services in Canada, USA, the UK and UAE. We have recently launched a new operating service in India and would like you to be part of our network.

We offer various services ranging from mobile phone services to internet provision at competitive rates. Make phone calls across different networks for the lowest rate in all of India with no connection fee. You do not have to worry about poor connections when you are on Blubbermouth. Our state of the art equipment guarantees you a clear connection whether you are talking on your mobile phone or browsing on you computer.

If you sign up for our services within the next three months, we will offer you free phone calls from 6pm to 12pm and internet services at half price for two weeks after signing up. You can find out more about our products and services from our

Yours faithfully,

Jean Musket,

Marketing Manager,

Blubbermouth Telecom

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