Product Marketing letter

Feb 11, 2009

Dear Consumers,

Why Dettol Soap should always be your cleanliness partner

Over the years, mothers have been having a challenge when they have to rush their children to the hospital after a playful day. Bacteria are everywhere and children being children, do not know what to play with and what not to. In the process of having fun, they contaminate diseases and their skins become rough and dry.

If you have come across the goodness of Dettol Soap you will be my ally in confessing that it is the best product. It kills bacteria instantly, soothes the skin and leaves behind a good fragrance. You can find Dettol Soap at the nearest retail shop or if you are distributors you can come to our industries located on the Southern Street. All are encouraged to come.

Mrs. Wesley Kwamboka,

Marketing Director,

Detsol Group of Companies

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