Marketing Letter of Intent

August 6, 2010

The Manager

Princess Fashions Private Limited


Dear Mr. Nair:

Your dedication to business has motivated us in many ways.  We at Femme Fashions have been enjoying a good business relationship with you and we have been inspired by your practices.  As per our various discussions and past dealings, you may have come to know that we have common interests and principles.

We have also established ourselves in the garment business and are running quite a profitable business.  Our clientele include quite a few models and actors of Bollywood.  We have garments from across the country and people are attracted by the variety we offer.

We express our intent to have a merger of both the companies so that we can together go to greater heights.  Two heads are better than one and we will put our heads together, bringing in new ideas to our business and together face the challenges in this competitive world.

Looking forward to the merger.

Yours Sincerely,

Raman Nambiar

Femme Fashions

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