Printable Love Letter

Most love letters are handwritten create a personal touch but now more and more people are printing love letters. Printable love letters are written then printed. This is done in order to send them as postal mails or to make sure they are neat and clear for the one who will receive them.


I knew that when I found you, that I had found something rare that I would treasure for the rest of my life. Our love gives me hope for tomorrow, in your eyes I find peace that brings contentment today and the moments that we share etch beautiful memories that I will hold forever in my heart. Forever seems like a day in my mind if I am spending it with you. Your name is a sweet melody to my ears because in that one name lies the one that makes my heart dance, my body melt and my spirit soar.

These words are just a drop in the ocean that is my love for you!

Download Printable Love Letter In Word Format

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