Non-Binding Letter of Intent


The Board of Directors,

Software Solutions Inc,


June 30, 2010

Subject: Non-binding letter of intent

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This non-binding letter of intent shall confirm our mutual intentions to engage in exclusive negotiations toward a formal purchase agreement by which the company and/or its shareholders would purchase a majority stock in Wireless Orion for a contemplated amount of Rs 25 per share.

While we contemplate that all the terms and conditions will be fully set forth in a formal Purchase Agreement later, we confirm our current mutual agreement.

This letter of intent is intended merely as a guide in the negotiation and preparation of the Purchase Agreement on terms and conditions satisfactory to the parties hereto, and nothing mentioned here shall be held construed to preclude other provisions from being included. The letter of intent may be terminated at any time, by mutual consent of the parties.

Please acknowledge the letter of intent correctly sets forth non-binding intentions.


Download Non-Binding Letter of Intent In Word Format

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