Letter Of Intent For Services

Neil Patrick Harris
Road no 121a, Ladycroft walk,
Harrow, London


Dear Ted Motseby:

After the meeting held at your work place and after lots of discussions with my team we have finalized to take up your business. We intend to buy it at your convenient price of $1, 00, 000 and this should include all the servies you have specified earlier.

For finalizing the deal I think we should meet in future and probably we are thinking to arrange a meeting on next Wednesday. As per our agreed terms we will bring all the required paperwork duly signed. We will also complete all the payments that we need to. We are also planning to make a point on meeting stating that this take over process will not be longer than 4 weeks. Thus, our team has been waiting eagerly and hope you will get ready for all the upcoming processes that will take place on next Wednesday.


Neil Patrick Harris

ABC Corporation.


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