Letter Of Intent For Construction

April 10th 2010,

Mr. Anthony Gonzalez,

Constructive consultancies Ltd,

21st baker Street, London,


Dear Mr. Anthony,

[Subject: Letter Of Intent for Bridge construction project]

Very warm greetings. We are immensely pleased to inform you that, your construction company has won the bid for the Bridge Construction project.

You have been allotted a preliminary funding of $500,000 for your services. You are now authorized to execute services as per our regulations up to a funding limitation no to exceed $1,000,000. We request you to submit immediately the following documents, via fax, your company insurance certificate, referring Kelvin Infrastructure.

It is the intent of our company, Kelvin Infrastructure, to enter a formal treaty agreement with Constructive consultancies Ltd. The funding supplied shall be as per the purchase order of our company expected to be released in three (3) weeks.

We await working in collaboration with your esteemed organization on this very important project. We will contact you as soon as possible for talking the terms of the contract.

Yours truly,

Chihuahua Ramsay,

Purchasing Manager,

Kelvin Infrastructure.

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