Sample Submitting a Suggestion Letter

Submitting A Suggestion

To:                    [NAME, ex. John Smith]

From:                [YOUR NAME]

Date:                [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998]

Subject:            [SUBJECT OF SUGGESTION, ex. Order processing]

I’m writing regarding a matter I am confident will interest you.

[STATE PROBLEM AS IT RELATES TO RECIPIENT, ex. You may know of the large amount of paperwork involved in processing our customers’ orders.  What’s more interesting is that there exists considerable redundancy, resulting in increased order processing time, later shipments, and potential customer dissatisfaction.]

[STATE YOUR SOLUTION AND HOW IT BENEFITS RECIPIENT/FIRM, ex. As most of this paperwork comes through my office, I have a good idea as to how we can streamline the process by reducing the amount of paper used, and put some dollars in the firm’s pocket.

Since our new order requisition software automatically reconciles purchase orders with packing slips, there is no longer a real need to have the salesperson review the packing slip before shipping the order.  Here’s the results:

o Salespersons no longer need to review packing slips, giving them more time to sell products

o Less paper is used, saving us money

o Orders are shipped faster as they will no longer sit on our loading docks, waiting for the salesperson to inspect the packing slip

o I spend less time processing packing slips, allowing me to spend more time on processing new orders]

I hope this suggestion is of benefit to you.  I will be delighted to speak to you if you require additional information.

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