Sample Rescinding Job Offer before Acceptance: Other Reason: Letter

Rescinding Job Offer before Acceptance: Other Reason:

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


John Smith

1234 First Street

Suite 567

Anycity, Anystate  85245]

Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith],

I am reluctantly writing to inform you that we are no longer able to uphold our job offer to you of  [DATE, ex. June 1, 1998] for the position of [STATE POSITION, ex. Sales Manager] at [STATE FIRM NAME, ex. ABC Co].  [STATE REASON, ex. Since you have not accepted our offer, we have hired an alternative applicant.  As you understand, we were pressed for time and needed to fill that position as soon as possible.]  Please accept our apologies.

We wish you the best in your career.


[YOUR NAME, ex. Jill Jones]

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