Sample Employment Agreement in Letter Format (Short Form)

Employment Agreement in Letter Format (Short Form)

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


John Smith

XYZ Inc.

1234 First Street

Suite 567

Anycity, Anystate  85245]

Dear [NAME OF EMPLOYEE, ex. John Smith],

Re: Employment Agreement

We are pleased that you have accepted employment with [NAME OF EMPLOYER] (the “Employer”) commencing [START DATE OF EMPLOYMENT, ex. July 1, 1998]. As you know, you will be employed as [TITLE DESCRIPTION OF EMPLOYMENT]. This letter will set out the terms and conditions of your employment.

1.         Scope of Work: As [TITLE DESCRIPTION OF EMPLOYMENT, ex. Controller], your duties and obligations will include [JOB DESCRIPTION]. You may be employed by the Employer in a position other than [TITLE DESCRIPTION OF EMPLOYMENT, ex. Controller] upon the Employer notifying you in writing of such assignment. In that event, you will continue to be employed by the Employer in the position to which you have been assigned.

2.         Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment: Your terms and conditions of employment may be amended from time to time, as the needs of the Employer require. Your performance will be reviewed with you on an annual basis, which is the time at which any salary changes will ordinarily be made.

3.         Salary: The Employer will pay to you a gross annual salary of $[AMOUNT OF GROSS ANNUAL SALARY], which will be payable [INSERT “MONTHLY”, “WEEKLY”, “SEMI-MONTH” OR “BI-WEEKLY”] in arrears.

4.         Vacation: During the term of this employment agreement, you will be entitled to take vacation in accordance with the normal practices of the Employer. Your vacation is to be taken at a time or times acceptable to the Employer having regard to its operations.

5.         Expenses: The Employer will reimburse you in accordance with its policies for all reasonable expenses actually and properly incurred by you in the performance of your duties under this agreement. For all such expenses, you will furnish the Employer statements and vouchers as and when required.

6.         Services: You will devote the whole of your time, attention and ability to the business of the Employer and will well and faithfully serve the Employer and use your best efforts to promote its interests.

7.         Independent Legal Advice: You agree that you have been advised by the Employer that you should obtain independent legal advice in connection with the terms of this agreement. You confirm that you have either obtained such advice or chosen not to do so and that you fully understand the terms and conditions set out herein and agree to be bound by them.

8.         Copy of Agreement: You acknowledge receipt of a copy of this agreement signed by the Employer.

If you agree with the above, please sign both copies of this letter in the presence of a witness and return one copy to the Employer.


[NAME OF EMPLOYER, ex. ABC Corporation]

Per: __________________________________

I have read, understand and hereby voluntarily accept the terms of employment outlined above.

Date: __________________________________

…………………………………………..                  ………………………………………….

Witness                                                                        [NAME OF EMPLOYEE]

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