Holiday Complaint Letter


Joseph Emerson


Emerson Tours

233 Viking Lane

New York

22nd July 2009

Ref: Caribbean Holidays

Dear Mr. Emerson,

This is with regard to the Caribbean holidays that we had booked through your company, which I am sorry to say, we did not enjoy at all. Firstly, the tour was not properly conducted and all the main places advertised in yourbrochure was not covered in the actual tour.

Secondly, the accommodation arranged for by the tour manager was below standard and not of the quality promised by you in youradvertisement. In terms of information sharing also, your tour manager was not very comfortable and often left out important tour information that led us to great losses during the entire trip.

On the whole, we were not satisfied with the whole trip and request you to kindly look into the matter and take remedial action.


Hilary Jones

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