Goodbye Letter To Colleague

February 19, 2011

Mr. Nirmit Kanive

Sales Staff

Best Equipment, Inc.

Dear Mr. Kanive,

I will be leaving the company soon and I find it only proper to say goodbyeto you as one of my closest colleagues at work.  My family will be relocating to Hyderabad next month and I must leave my work at the company, a small sacrifice so that my children will be able to have a better chance at abright future.

Although I am happy at making this decision, I also feel a tinge of sadness because of colleagues like you.  I have come to love my work at the company and special colleagues like you who are always eager to lend a helping hand.  You have been very helpful in making my career in the company blossom and I thank you so much for this.  May your career continue to flourish.


Ms. Purala Manchada

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