Goodbye Letter To Brother

Ms. Putul Kapadia

Navrangpura , Ahmedabad

October 21, 2010

Mr. Nitin Kapadia

Pasumalai, Madurai

Tamil Nadu

Dearest brother,

I received your letter telling me that you have been accepted for ascholarship abroad and you will be leaving the country next month.  I am so happy for you but I also cannot help but feel a bit sad as I say goodbye to you.

Being my only brother, we have had a very special bond that I will truly miss when you are away.  I remember how much you have taken care of me when we were still young.  You always manage to make me laugh because of your numerous antics and jokes, and you never fail to make me smile whenever I am sad.  I am so proud of you for finally reaching one of your dreams to be able to continue your studies.  I hope that you will be able to adjust well to the people and the environment there.  Keep in touch always.

Your sister,


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