Simple Fundraising Letter

Ms. Praveena Kota


Earth Lover’s Club



April 28, 2010

Mr. Nihal Malik

1st Cross Annayapa Block


Dear Mr. Malik,

I am writing this letter as a representative of the Earth Lover’s Club.  We are an organization of young individuals who are concerned over the present state of the environment.  Everywhere around the world, environmental degradation is worsening yearly and we want to exert our own effort to stop this and help save the earth from further destruction.

This year, we are launching a widespread information dissemination campaign in various schools in the country.  We will be releasing pamphlets, posters, and will also be holding activities and contests to get the message across.  In this light, we are seeking your financial support in contribution to our fundraising effort for the activity.  We do not have enough funds to do this on our own and we are hoping for your support.

Thank you and we hope you support in this worthwhile endeavor.


Ms. Praveena Kota

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