Church fundraising letter

Mr. Mark Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

Hudson & Sons Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Hudson,

We are writing you this letter on behalf of New Ages Church for raising funds to complete the construction, as you are associated with this church since a long time. You can find the attached fund devotee list for your ready reference.

As you are aware that this church is under construction since 2007, but for this coming Christmas of 2010, New Age Church committee is willing to give final touches to the church building. So we are requesting all you kind people to donate some amount. After the completion of the construction, there will be a prayer assembly for all disciples. Kindly stand for this noble cause and help us with an amount as per your wish.

We can stay in touch online. We can be contacted on our official numbers and mail id of New Age Church.

Looking forward for your kind support.

Thanks & Regards,

Harry Thomson

Download Church Fundraising Letter In Word Format

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