Letter To a Distant Friend

Pasha Louis

456, Al Habib Street,


Hi Pasha,

How is life in Dubai? How are you finding work in the Oil Company? Are they sending you out to desert-sites, too!? Have you made any friends over there? Did you find any Indians in your department?

Back home, we all miss you a lot, especially during weekends. We keep visiting your place once a while. Your brother is doing just fine and he keeps telling all his friends about you, whenever he gets a chance.

Any plans to come home anytime during this year? I heard that they don’t get leave for more than 15 days. Do make sure to come for about a month at least and keep us informed.

We will send you a shopping list, of course, but in the meantime if you require anything from home just let any one of us know and we will send it across!

Your friends,

Krishna, Vinod, Amar and the rest of the gang!

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