Cute Friendship Letter

Ms. Poshika Joshi

Tank Road


April 27, 2010

Mr. Nayang Kommana

Y Block, Kidwai Nagar
Kanpur – 208011

Dearest friend,

I know that I just wrote you a letter last week but I suddenly missed you again and couldn’t help myself from writing another letter so soon.  I had dinner with some of our friends in college last night and I remembered you.  We have shared so many experiences together that the most memorable ones that I usually think of have always been spent with you.  I have gained many new friends now that I am working in a new environment but for me, you are still one of the best friends that I could ever have.  You are the most understanding and caring friend I have and you also have the most patience with me.  I know that I could be such miserable company but you always stick with me.  I hope you are doing great at your work and have many new friends, too.  But never forget me, okay?



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