Acquaintance Friendship Letter

Ms. Prachi Mahatma

Surveyor colony, Madurai

Tamil Nadu

June 16, 2010

Mr. Farhad Konda

Shastri Nagar, HNS Nagar

Dear friend,

If you remember me, we met at our company’s thanksgiving dinner.  We were introduced by our team leader who is a friend of yours.  I write to you because my younger brother has been accepted to take his undergraduate studies at the university in your town.  He knows noone there and we also have no relatives there.  I know that we have only briefly acquainted but I took a chance at writing to you because I really do not know anyone else there.  I just wanted to introduce to you my brother, Faris.  He is staying at an apartment that is in the same vicinity as your home address and I would just like to inform you so that he may at least have someone to run to in case he is in need.  I have found you to be a kind man and I do hope you would heed this humble request.  Thank you.


Ms. Prachi Mahatma

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