Farewell Letter To Staff

Ms. Pingala Jinturkar

Chauraha, Jajmau
Kanpur H O, Kanpur – 208001

January 19, 2011

The Staff

Dear staff,

I want to formally bid everyone farewell as I leave my post as your team leader next week.  My family will be leaving town to transfer to Hyderabad since my husband has been offered a nice job there.  The job has great compensation and benefits and although I wish to continue my job, we have found it best to relocate as a family.

Before I leave, I want to thank everyone for being such excellent staff.  I have had ten wonderful years serving in the company as a sales staff and five years as your team leader.  We have shared so many good and bad times and these have made me a better and stronger person both professionally and personally.  You are all very professional and skilled in your job and I know that you will all have fruitful careers in the business.

Best wishes to everyone!


Ms. Pingala Jinturkar

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