Farewell Letter To Boy Friend

Ms. Pooja Kola

Kanpur – 208027

August 7, 2010

Mr. Fareed Mahalingam

Civil Lines,
Kanpur – 208001

Dear Fareed,

I do not have the heart to face you and personally say farewell to you.  It has been a long one year that I have had with you as my boyfriend.  I say that it is long because it was so tumultuous.  We only had one month of peace and happy days spent together.  After this, everything fell apart.  We have been having quarrels every week, and this last month we have been quarrelling almost everyday.  I am already suffering emotionally and mentally because of this relationship of ours.  I can no longer concentrate at work and my performance in the office is worsening.  My boss is already noticing the slide in my work and he has told me that if I do not improve, I may be given a warning.  I do not want my life to be ruined because of our relationship that is going nowhere.  It is best for both of us to live separate lives.



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