Farewell Letter To a Best Friend

August 4, 2010.

Priyanka Sharma,

Flat-1, Type-5,



Dear Priyanka,,

How are you? I am doing well here. I am glad to inform you that, I got a job in a soft ware company in United States of America.  I have got my passport and visa ready. I am flying to night. Actually I was so busy with visa processing that I did not got time to meet you. That’s the reason being, I am writing to you. I am so sorry to leave a friend like you. You’re the best buddy I have ever got.

I still remember the day, we first met, all the pranks that we played together, all the joys and sorrow we shared and all the love and affection that we still share. It’s you who made my life lively, laughed when I cracked jokes, offered your shoulder when I cried and pampered me when I got angry. I can never forget all the good old times spent with you. I will cherish all those wonderful moments. I will keep in touch with you. Good bye my dear friend.

Yours lovingly,


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