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To: [email protected]



Subject: Application for the post of Database Administrator

Dear Mr. Whitlow,

I am Greg Green and I have applied for the post of a Database Administrator in George Systems Limited. I have been asked to drop in an email by Mr. Carl Evans of Evans Group of Services, who has also given me a reference.

I have been working with Evans Group of Services for a period of six years. Recently I have been transferred to Alaska due to my wife’s transfer. It is in this capacity that Mr. Evans has referred me to you. Please treat this mail as my official application until I present myself directly at your office. I propose to drop in at your office next Thursday to file an application for the said job. I have enclosed my recent CV for the post.

I hope to see you soon.

Thanks and regards,

Greg Green

M: 0455512567

Alternate email: [email protected]

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