Tax Deductible Donation Letter Sample

19 January 2000


Mr. Steven Turner,


CARE Hospitals,


Dear Mr. Turner,

I am Dennis Wright and I represent the ONDC Trust. I have been given the reference of Mrs. Reed who has instructed me to write to you about the tax deductible donation prospects that our trust offers.

Our trust offers these schemes to everybody who contributes to the trust. We give a receipt and a certificate of recognition to everybody who contributes to the trust. This is useful in tax deductions and is accepted as proof in all income tax deduction forms. In case you are interested in contribution to our trust, please drop in at our office. Another option is that a volunteer will drop in at your home at your convenience to discuss further on this.

Thanks and regards,

Dennis Wright,


ONDC Trust

Download Sample Tax Deductible Donation Letter In Word Format

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