Sample Job Cover Letter

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City, State, Zip Code


Dear (Last Name). You can leave the field free if you don’t know the name


Start by letting the employer know which position you are interested in and why you are applying. You can add an eye catching rejoinder about why you think the employer should hire you or should consider calling you for an interview. Be sure to mention where you found the advertisement. If you were directed by a mutual friend, you can mention his or her name.


Briefly mention what you have to offer the employer in terms of education, experience, and skills, and how they relate to the position. You should only interpret your resume, not repeat it. Mention any other special skills and accomplishments specifically in relation to the advertised position.


Include information on how you’re intending to follow up and then thank the employer for considering you for the position.

Complimentary close

Respectfully yours, sincerely, etc



Download Sample Job Cover Letter In Word Format

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