Broadcast Cover Letter

March 15, 2005.

Niles Larson,
Larson & Co,
Timberline Avenue,
Fort Worth, Texas.

Respected Mr. Larson,

As a matter of fact we must agree that the markets today are giving a tough and intelligent competition to the product based companies. So it is very essential for the companies to recruit their field staff with new blood that respect challenges, are dedicated to work, and good at communication and I believe that I would be one of the best suitable for that kind of a post.

I completed my graduation at the prestigious Xavier’s college and hold a communication excellence   certificate issued by the oxford graded “A”. Hence if there are any feild opportunities with a scope to grow, as of now or in future I would be grateful to join your company. I am hoping a reply or an interview call from you in near future. I am enclosing my contact number and address.


Mr. Michael Johnson.

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