Funny Christmas Letter

Dear four-legged friends,
I hope this holiday season finds you warm, happy, dry and most importantly full. I am doing very well. My family is also doing well. However, lately they have been neglecting me. Reason, about two months ago, the two biggest people who brought me home from the shelter also brought a tiny thing. They refer to it as their “bundle of joy”. But while it is small, you cannot believe how loud it can scream or the smells that come from it. And though she is adorable, I hope I won’t have to share my bed with her. I have some news. I have been learning how to walk on two legs. I wonder how my family members mastered walking on two because I cannot even take two steps without falling. All in all, my year has been great. How about yours? I am looking to reading your letter.

Your friend,

Dog Welsh

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