Good Customer Conversion of Account to C.O.D.


This is to acknowledge our telephone conversation regarding
the past due balance on your account.

Perhaps your remittance to clear this amount has been mailed,
and if so, please accept our thanks. However, if it has not
yet been sent, we hope a check can be put in the mail in
another day or two to bring your account up to date. All
merchandise orders are currently being referred to us. Your
check to clear this past due balance must be received before
future shipments can be made.

We are sorry to see that your account once again carries a
past due balance. When I met with you recently, I stated
that we were willing to continue our extension of credit at
the present level with the understanding that your account
be maintained on a current basis.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at this time, so it will
be necessary for us to review the current credit arrangements
on your account. However, we will not be in a position to
extend any credit until the past due charges on your account
have been cleared. Once these charges have been cleared from
your account, we will review the credit arrangements that we
currently have on your account. If these past due charges
are not cleared within the next few days, we may have no other
alternative but to withdraw our extension of credit on your
account entirely.

Your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter will be
greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding your
account, please do not hesitate to call me.

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