Employer’s Verification on Loan Applicant

TO: Applicant_____________________
Loan No.______________________
Escrow No.____________________


I have applied for a real estate loan to be made by
( Name of Company ) Savings and Loan Association.

I shall appreciate your completing the Employer’s
Verification below for their confidential use and
forwarding it to:

( Name of Company ) Savings and Loan Association
1304 74th Circle N.E.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702

Thank you for your consideration and prompt reply, as
it will avoid many delays.

Very truly yours,



1. Entered your employ:_________________________________
2. Present Position:____________________________________
3. Present Monthly Salary: Gross Monthly Salary:_____
Bonus or Commission:______
How paid:_________________
4. If Applicant is in Military Service please report
income on a monthly basis as follows:
Base Pay_________ Quarters and Subsistence___
Flight or Hazard Allowance____________
5. Probability of Continued Employment__________________
6. Does Employee have Re-employment rights for:
Sick Leave?______ Maternity Leave?_________
7. Other Remarks:_______________________________________
The above is furnished in strictest confident to your

Date________________ Employer_______________

Download Employer’s Verification on Loan Applicant in Word Format

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