Business Letter Template

Sender’s Address and/ or email address


Receiver’s Address, usually in the following format

Full Name


Company Name

Physical Address

City, State

Salutation should be as shown under:

Dear Mr. /Ms. Name: or Sir/Madam,

The introduction to the letter that should have a reference


The body of the business Letter; this should be as simple and to the point, detailing the purpose of your letter. Your letter should be single spaced and justified to the left.Your first paragraph of the business letter has to explicitly explain your purpose for writing..

In the next paragraphs you should shed more light about your request.

The last paragraph ought to recap your motive or purpose that you were writing and finally end by thanking the reader for going through your request.

The close should sound approving like:

Yours truly,

Your name

Name of your company/organization

A signature marks the end of a business letter]

Download Sample Business Letter Template Letter In Word Format

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