Short Sale Authorization Letter

Mr. Danny Graham

General Manager- Sales

1239, South Plaza,

New York, America

Dear Mr. Graham,

We are sending you this authorization and seek your approval for short sales planned by Smith marketing & selling Pvt. Ltd. As you are aware, our company Smith marketing & selling is one of the oldest agent of Woodland Pvt. Ltd who is serving your company with effective marketing strategies and advanced selling priorities.

The recently launched products of Woodland Pvt. Ltd are requiring a sales program to hype the profits and to enhance long term selling benefits. We have already mailed you a proposal in which venue, cost of arrangements and marketing material is required to attract people. We are ready for a business meet to discuss business clauses and conditions.

Kindly authorize our short sales program at your earliest. If you need any clarification on this, please feel free to contact us during working hours.

Yours Sincerely,

Laura Atkinson

Download Short Sale Authorization Letter In Word Format

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